Emerging Companies Fund

The Saville Capital Emerging Companies Fund invests in ASX-listed and NZX-listed securities (excluding the resources sector) which sit outside the ASX100 or NZX20 (as applicable).  However, to the extent possible, the Manager’s preference is to maximise the Fund’s exposure to companies that have a market capitalisation of not more than $500 million at the time of investment.

The Fund’s investment criteria provide investors with –

  • the ability to gain exposure to companies that are either –

a. earlier in their development and before the market has appropriately priced their growth potential,
b. companies that have temporarily exited the investment universe of most mainstream fund managers (as well as the research universe of most stockbrokers) and are being mispriced accordingly, and

  • portfolio diversification, as smaller companies tend to perform differently through market cycles, which is in contrast to larger companies.