The Saville Capital Emerging Companies Fund is +102.3% since inception (after all fees and expenses and assuming distributions are reinvested) vs the Emerging Companies Index and Small Industrials Accumulation Index at -8.3% and +12.5% respectively.

Historical Performance

Monthly Performance By Calendar Year

2017 -3.2%+2.6% -0.6% -1.0%+7.6%+6.4%+2.7%+4.0%+13.2%+9.5%+8.1%+60.1%
2018 -1.6%+4.2%+1.6%+1.1%+4.1%+1.6%-3.1%+0.7%-0.8%-3.2%-4.8%-5.2% -5.9%

Net of all base fees, performance fees and expenses of the Fund.